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Look Back

2000 – 20th June first light morning birth.
2001 – Handicraft free training and workshop. Annual program on 20th June. Barrackpore.
2002 – January 26th of developing creativity, training for drawing pictures of Chhatre and free.
2003 – (19-25th February) exhibition of children artists, drawing, painting and financial assistance.
2004 – (25 – 30th march) Handicraft exhibition and help poor women. Barrackpore Gandhi Museum.
2005 – (19-22th September) Separate children’s dance, drama, song and sang Cultural programs. and financial assistance to Thalassemia Children.
2006 – January 31 – February 2, the art exhibition of Barrackpore subdivision, Provide financial support to art workshops and help street children.
2007 – (20 – 23 th august ) drama with street children. Environment conscious camp. The 9th September Opening ceremony of “My Greetings” Card, Barrackpore.
2008 – 19th January is The images show respect to the children. Prejudice and Science camp and woman Self-help training at Barrackpur Sukanta Sadan.
2009 – (3-8th January ) Image exhibition Guy cultural building. Free training and workshop of women’s handicrafts.
2010 – (19-24) art exhibition New Delhi ”Krishna Art Gallery” and ”All India Art Exhibition” and Children’s Drawing Equipment (23-25 th June) All India Art Show Award and “Sunar” opening event at Science City Theaters.
2011 – Golden Heart Day School at Colaghat in East Midnapore opening on 31st December, and also the festival of the year.
2012 – On July 27th Baul fairs lecturer in Dupara village. our 12th year running in 2012 the Art Workshop at Barrackpur Sukanta Sadan (25-27 June) art workshop at Kharagpur.
2013 – (1 – 7th April )” AlI India Art Exhibition” New Delhi “Lokayata Galley”.
2014 – Free training with threatened women and children, with free cultural schooling on June 20, Devanathpur Free Training School in Nadia district.
2015 – 20th June cultural program.
2016 – 26th June on the basis of cultural programs and the help of the Thalassemia child.
2017 – 26th January child festival.
2020 – Cultural program and educational training medium for 100 needy children at Gandhi Sanghala in Barakpur on January 26th.

On 9th February, 150 tea garden workers and destitute students in Darjeeling district were given clothes and study materials.

Distribution of food and clothing to the helpless people affected by the global epidemic Novel Corona Virus and Amphan from 1st April to September.

Distribution of clothes for destitute mothers on the occasion of Durga Puja, Diwali and Chhat Puja in October.

Food has been distributed to the needy children on the occasion of Children’s Day on 14th November. On the occasion of Christmas on 25th December, Christmas has been celebrated with miserable children.