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Education Brings Consciousness

In our everyday’s life when we travel for our work or from one place to another much-known picture we see inroads. A number of street and slum children who are begging in roads, playing here and there or doing work in street shops for some money. They do not have a proper place to stay, proper food to eat and education, that is out of the question. We feel for them and that’s all we can do in that little span of our busy life. Through this came SAS aim for a Child-Labour free environment.

  • SAS campaign for these street and slum children are as follows.
    Providing primary education.
    A primary knowledge of Computer.
    Giving them autobiographies of great personalities and storybooks to enlighten them from inside. For entertainment, we are proving them some items for drawings and playing stuff.
    Encouraging them in cultural activities, singing, dancing, drama to introduce them to a beautiful environment.
    Children who are really interested in the study will help them to get admission in schools.
    To give students a chance to earn for them and their families to create a secured future, we will help them in competitive (Driving, Tailoring, etc) studies.


If you want to help in this campaign you can teach this street and slum children any subjects and also can give them classes on extracurricular activities like Dancing, Singing, Drama, and Recitation, etc.


Remove Hunger, Save Life, Save Humanity

What does it take for a basic living?
For a person to live he at least needs Foods along with Dress and Shelter. If we look out from our busy lives, we can find many people around us who are unable to arrange the minimum needs for living. They are craved in hunger. SAS reaches out for those people who live in the road and in need, homeless, mentally and physically disabled, poor, old people, previously people who cannot arrange their own food for a living.
This palpable act of service is not for those who beg out of the profession.

SAS provides the following items:-

  • In one container Puffed Rice.
  • In one container Biscuit and Hollow Sugar Cake.
  • In one container Eggs, Rice, Pulses, Potato, Soybean chunks.
  • We also provide one soap in a month to those people to whom we are giving these food and food materials.
  • If those people want to have cooked food, then we provide them the same.
  • Apart from this, if anyone is sick, we help them with medicine under the surveillance of Doctors.
  • According to these people’s need, we provide them dress.
  • To avoid scorching heat and rain we provide them umbrella also.
  • To avoid the infection and sickness from garbage, flies, and mosquitoes we scatter Bleaching Powder and Phenol in their dwelling areas.


Recycle Clothes, Reduce Poverty

There are people who have enough dresses to wear and there are people who have nothing good to wear. Most of the time people like us do not think other way around. We do not realize if we spread our hand towards those unprivileged people, we can make their life a little easy. In spite of garaging our old dresses which is unusable to us, we can give it to those people who all are in desperate need. As an organization, SAS helps those poor people (who all are staying in roads, including small children, girls and boys, old people) by providing them dresses as their basic need and also to help them to protect themselves from the cold winter. SAS also provides umbrellas, plastic sheds to prevent rain.

We have divided this campaign in two subclass:-1. Dress distribution before Puja (All types of dresses)
2. Warm dress distribution which includes Shawl, Sweater, Muffler etc during winter.SAS collects used dresses and gives them to those poor people who cannot afford. Apart from this we provide new dresses to street children before Puja to make them happy.There are some check points for old dresses

  • Old dresses must be in good condition.
  • Old dresses must be washed before donating.
  • Old dresses must be put in one packet and titled with list of dresses in the packet.
  • Name, Phone Number and Email-id of the donor must be present in the packet of old dress.


Be Good, Spread Good

“Prevention is better than cure!” Now a days people are not so much literate in terms of environmental issues. For this lack of awareness, environment is getting tremendously affected by us. To bring the awareness in lime light SAS arranges many awareness campaign in schools and unprivileged areas.

In the long run SAS activity :

  • * Health and Hygiene
  • * Thalassemia-Way to detect and awareness regarding this(Apart from we helps to detect Thalassemia in free of cost under surveillance of health checkup organization)
  • * Awareness on Tuberculosis, Cancer, AIDS etc
  • * Awareness on the effects of smoking and drinking and ways to get rid of this
  • * Plastic pollution and ways to get rid of this
  • * Awareness on water conservation.


If you want to help in this campaign by sharing information on any of the topics mentioned in the list, you can directly contact with the volunteers of SAS through phone or email.