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Welcome To SAS Group

We heartily take your wishes on behalf of SAS GROUP under the division Social Artisan Society. Our Group is a Philanthropic Development Organisation. Our work method is an Artistic Concept We are newly discovered through Art in all the year with every sphere of life by which we would like to reach the destination with the heart of Artistic languages among all the common people in the society. Business is not our main motto. To enlight the people in different ways for the benefit of the handicapped person as well as the distress children, side by side we engage our selves to promote the skill of Artist in the light of modern arts and to represent the causes of artist throughout the world and for that we want financial assistance from the people. That will show a new pave to an Artist, backward people and also a child. So as the artistic activities may advance the beneficial cause and means of a child and backward people. We shall go ahead in achieving our program provide you the people extend your hearty hand in the implementation of our schemes.

Who Are We

Live in a time when all efforts should be directed towards total social reconstruction. Education Is the Instrument for social change. Education which is life centric, democratic, real and progressive can contribute to the making of democratic, progressive and active thinking citizens thereby a progressive and just society. Education for change will Induce a child to observe, generate analytical and creative faculty to change the world for better. Education for change Implies the act of educating people of all age groups with the aim to inspire them to desire and bring about change. This change can belong to their private and public lives, the larger society we live in, or the sub societies they create in their daily interactions with others. Apart from education, we work for the constructive development of the children. Our mission is to promote the children as well as to bring the self-consciousness. In order to focus the Artist and their thinking and ideology in society. We have resorted Artwork shop, Exhibition, an Art show for that said purpose. Our motto is to help the artist and to pave the new ways. Our object is to stand by the side of the helpless Artist for promoting their Arts and our object is not confined to financial and economic aspects though we have those means. To ward off the poverty from society and to show them the ways for their jobs, We have proceeded towards the employment of those people. The objects for which the Society is established are To establish Baul-Fakir Song. jhumur Dance, Puutul Natok, Ranapa Dance, Folk Art, Majhi Song, Muslim Bier Song, Poter’s Theater, Training School, Library Museum and children health Part for the members and students of this association. Socialartisan Society establishes all type of dance and art competition between district level. To establish a health awareness camp for the students’ competition aged people and Indigenes persons. Socialartisan, Society has undertaken Various Social Artisan Project in terms of health, Education, Art and Craft, Awareness Programmes, etc. For the under Privileged and Downtrodden manes of the welder and poorer Section of the Society. Though we have endless love and affection for the Suffered the Place of work can not get momentum unless your wholehearted support and Patronage is extended. Let us all Come to together for the noble Cause to transform our above dream into reality. We are sure that our mission would be fulfilled with your Heartiest Co-Operation.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.