Look Back

2000 – 20th June first light morning birth.
2001 – Handicraft free training and workshop.  Annual program on 20th June.  Barrackpore.
2002 – January 26th of developing creativity, training for drawing pictures of Chhatre and free.
2003 – (19-25th February) exhibition of children artists, drawing, painting and financial assistance.
2004 – (25 – 30th march) Handicraft exhibition and help poor women. Barrackpore Gandhi Museum.
2005 –  (19-22th September) Separate children’s dance, drama, song and sang  Cultural programs. and financial assistance to Thalassemia Children.
2006 – January 31 – February 2, the art exhibition of Barrackpore subdivision, Provide financial support to art workshops and help street children.
2007 – (20 – 23 th august ) drama with street children. Environment conscious camp. The 9th September Opening ceremony of “My Greetings” Card, Barrackpore.
2008 –  19th  January is The images show respect to the children. Prejudice and Science camp and woman Self-help training at Barrackpur Sukanta Sadan.
2009 –  (3-8th January ) Image exhibition Guy cultural building. Free training and workshop of women’s handicrafts.
2010 –  (19-24) art exhibition New Delhi ”Krishna Art Gallery” and ”All India Art Exhibition” and Children’s Drawing Equipment (23-25 th June) All India Art Show Award and “Sunar” opening event at Science City Theaters.
2011 – Golden Heart Day School at Colaghat in East Midnapore opening on 31st December, and also the festival of the year.
2012 – On July 27th Baul fairs lecturer in Dupara village. our 12th year running in 2012 the Art Workshop at Barrackpur Sukanta Sadan (25-27 June) art workshop at Kharagpur.
2013 – (1 – 7th April )” AlI India Art Exhibition” New Delhi “Lokayata Galley”.
2014 –  Free training with threatened women and children, with free cultural schooling on June 20, Devanathpur Free Training School in Nadia district.
2015 –  20th June cultural program.
2016 – 26th June on the basis of cultural programs and the help of the Thalassemia child.
2017 – 26th January child festival.